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Pole Dancing Tips For Beginners

As a pole dancing beginner and enthusiast, you might be wondering about some tips. What’s good ? What helps ? What to avoid ? As you are going to have regular pole dancing training classes and practice, you are going to learn a lot. However, there are some important and useful information you will wish you understood and paid attention to from the very beginning. I wish I did. Having some pole dancing tips for beginners before getting started would have been helpful.

Now it all depends on your pole dancing studio. The teachings are different. All instructors will introduce pole dancing and teach in their own way. There are some information and tips my instructor told me before my first pole dancing class and there are others I learned classes after classes, from my instructor, through my own observation and practice or through other girls at the studio.

Below are some useful tips and information for pole dancing beginners :

1. Always Warm Up And Stretch Before A Class 

Pole dancing is an intense physical activity. It requires a lot of strength and flexibility. It is important to get your body prepared properly before you start a training session. Take 10-15 minutes to warm up before each training. If it happens that you are late at your pole dancing class and miss the warm up, do not just get changed and rush to jump onto the pole. Find a corner in the studio and have your warm up on your own. It is important to understand the importance of warming up before pole dancing. A warm up usually consists of light cardio vascular exercises and stretches which will help to increase the body temperature and prepare the muscles for the moves that you will need them to do. Warming up helps to enhance your performance and reduces the risk of injury.

2. Do Not Put Moisturizer Before A Training

Wearing moisturizer is part of our hygienic routine. If anything like me, it is something that you do naturally every time after having your shower. You care about your skin and want it to be hydrated and feel smooth. However, as a pole dancer, you will discover that a hydrated, smooth skin is not what you really want. Not while on the pole. Before heading to your pole dancing class, avoid putting any moisturizer, cream or body lotion. Simply because moisturizers, creams and body lotions on your skin will affect your grip and have you sliding down the pole thus making the moves you are practicing more difficult to achieve. In pole dancing, grip is of essence and moisturizer (and sweat) is going to be your enemy. So do not worry if your legs are looking dry and your skin feeling rough. That’s what you need if you want to climb up the pole and stay there.

3. Limit The Use Of Grip Aids

As mentioned above, in pole dancing, grip is of essence. There are products that have been designed specifically to help improve grip on the pole. A good grip provides better control of the body and helps to have a better practice. There are different kinds of grip aids that exist. However, as a pole dancing beginner, try to limit the use of any grip aids. As its name suggests, a grip aid is designed to help you. As a pole dancing beginner though, help is always appreciated but you do not always want to learn with help. You want to learn, to progress and be able to perform on your own. The grip aid that I use personally is a liquid chalk, just to help with sweaty hands. I do not use it every time I am on the pole. I would advise to use a grip aid only when you feel like it is necessary because you are struggling with some specific moves. Some moves in pole dancing require more support than others. There are other types of grips aids which help to have better grip on the body and not just the hands. Again, use them only when you need.

4. Do Not Push Yourself Too Much

Patience is key. No one can run before knowing how to walk. In pole dancing, there are steps to follow. You probably must be following a number of amazing and talented pole dancers account, watching videos on YouTube and feel inspired every time you are watching them. Inspiration is great ! However, remember that these people are experienced. They are NOT beginners. They have years of practice behind. Do not feel frustrated or discouraged if you try one of their moves and realize you are struggling and it feels impossible. Do not try so hard to get a move on your own and risk hurting yourself. Most importantly, learn what the basic moves are. You can ask to your instructor the list of moves in pole dancing categorized as basic, intermediate and advanced. Learn to recognize what each moves require in terms of strength and flexibility. You might be surprised to discover that there is a logical approach in learning pole dancing and that self-teaching and over practicing can actually slow down your progress.

5. Avoid Eating Before A Training

That one may sound obvious but it happened one day that I did not have time to have lunch and I had a 1-hour pole dancing class the same day at 6pm. So I decided to have something to eat around 5.15pm as I was very hungry. When I arrived at the studio, we did 10 minutes warm up off pole and 5 minutes on the pole climbing and SPINNING. Guess what happened to me ? I started feeling dizzy and nauseous and had a headache during the whole class and I continued to feel sick the rest of the evening. My training got affected. I did not feel at my best and my practice was poor. My advice is, especially on the days you have your pole dancing classes, plan your day and your meal time properly. Allow at least 3 hours after a meal before you have a pole dancing class.

If you want to share your beginner experience or have any question as a pole dancing beginner, do not hesitate to leave a comment below. I would be happy to hear about you.


  • Anne-Caroline

    Hello Connie! Very important advice for beginners. I learned about ‘grip aids’ and this is so true, you want to be able to perform on your own. Also, the information about the lotion. I would never think about that as a beginner. That it is slippery etc… Very useful tips. How many hours a week do you recommend for beginners to start up? Pole dance is so challenging but very effective and self-satisfactory!

    • Connie Lee

      I started with 3 hours of pole and 2 hours of stretching per week, set on 3 consecutive days. I was super excited and motivated ! But the truth is it was a lot ! I was so sore on the 2nd day already. The 3rd day I could hardly do anything. So I quickly changed and did only 2 hours of pole and 1 hour of stretching per week. The body needs time to recover as well. But I think it also depends if you can do spread the training on non consecutive days. Perhaps then you can do more hours.
      I would recommend 2 or 3 hours a week to start and also a minimum of 1 hour stretching per week.
      Pole dancing is very challenging and I am so happy with what I have learned and achieved in one year. I have never had this satisfaction with the the gym personally.

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