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Pole Dancing Clothes – What To Wear For Pole Dancing

Before their first pole dancing class, many people wonder about what to wear for pole dancing. Are there any pole dancing clothes ? Does it really matter what you wear in a pole dancing class ? The answers are YES and YES. There are clothes designed specifically for pole dancing. What clothes you wear for pole dancing is important and this post is going to explain you why.

Comfort first

In a pole dancing class, especially if it is your first class, it is important that you feel comfortable in what you are wearing. You will be doing warm up exercises and learn the basic moves of pole dancing. It is important that what you are wearing allows you to move freely.

Flexibility plays a major role in pole dancing and even if you are a beginner, it is important that your pole dancing clothes allow you to go the maximum of your flexibility and do not limit your moves and range of motion.

Skin for grip

Whether to spin, climb the pole or get into a move, you will need grip. If you do not have a good grip, you will simply slide down the pole and you will find the moves you are learning more difficult to achieve. Grip will give you support and a better control of your body and this will help you to have a better practice of what you are learning.

You are going to use different parts of your body to have grip on the pole such as your waist, inner thighs, outer thighs, knees, ankles, feet, shoulders, arms, back… So, ideally these parts of your body should be uncovered and in direct contact with the pole. If you try to climb up the pole with leggings for example, you will find yourself constantly sliding.

Shorts VS Panties

A lot of people wear shorts or boxer shorts when pole dancing and they sometimes work out fine. However, there are moves which require grip on your inner thighs, outer thighs and on your butt cheek. You would then need to roll up your shorts several times or tuck them in your underwear to uncover those parts of your body which does not make it really comfortable. So, ideally it is recommended to wear panties for pole dancing as they will give you better grip on the pole and they also feel more comfortable.

Tank Tops VS Crop Tops

Same as for the shorts, tank tops are usually loose and cover more skin than a crop top. Several moves in pole dancing require a grip near your waist or on your belly, so it is better to wear a crop top to avoid having to roll up your top several times during the class.

Pole Wear VS Regular Wear

If you have decided to embark on the pole dancing journey, you are going to find yourself a lot of times upside down and get your body into unusual positions. A lot of moves in pole dancing for example involve leg opening moves like inverts and splits. This means that your inner thighs are often exposed. Some people wear a bikini bottom for pole dancing but a bikini bottom generally has a different cut around the crotch area compared to a pole wear panty. A pole wear panty will have a wider crotch area providing a better coverage which will make you feel more comfortable in performing your moves.

A pole wear crop top is designed to support your breasts better than a bikini top. Many moves will involve opening your chest and stretching your shoulders while getting upside down. So, it is important to wear an appropriate top which will give you flexibility while supporting your breasts at the same time. A gym crop top however can be suitable for pole dancing.

Jewelry off the pole

Before going to your pole dancing class, you will want to make sure to remove all your jewelry. And if you forget about it, your instructor will usually remind you to do so. The reason why is simply because rings for example will affect your hand grip on the pole and can hurt you as well with repetitive moves. They will also likely scratch and damage the pole over time. It is also recommended avoiding wearing long necklaces when pole dancing. In upside down positions, they will bother you by coming down your face. Earrings are fine is they are small. But since pole dancing is an intense activity, general advice is to avoid wearing any jewelry in a class to also avoid any loss or damage.

Best Conditions = Best Results

There is no rule really concerning the pole clothes you should wear in a pole dancing class. It’s all about what you feel comfortable in enough to work out and achieve your moves. What you need to consider is what you will be doing during the class and if what you are going to wear is going to affect your training. But it is better to be prepared for all kinds of work out and moves and not having to tell yourself “I should have put on panties instead of shorts today”.

I hope this post has helped you understand a little more about pole dancing and what to wear for pole dancing.

I wish you lots of fun in your pole classes !

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