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Pole Dancing And Weight Loss

Over the last decade, pole dancing has become a new form of physical activity combining strength and flexibility. What was for a long time associated with striptease and the adult industry is now a new and popular way of keeping fit. It is even developing into a competitive sport. Pole dancing as a fitness activity is also attracting a lot of people who want to lose weight. When combined with a healthy and a balanced diet, practicing regular pole dancing can contribute to significant weight loss. Not only can you burn fat but you can also build muscle with pole dancing.

This post explains what pole dancing does to your body and how pole dancing can contribute to weight loss.

Burn calories

You can expect to burn as much as 200 to 350 calories in one hour pole dancing class. Pole dancing is an intense physical activity which engages the whole body. As for any intense physical activity, a pole dancing class will consist of a warm up, usually off the pole, followed by exercises on the pole.

Climbing up the pole, for example, is one of the basics in pole dancing. If you have not tried climbing a pole yet, you will discover that it requires lots of energy and strength, especially in the arms and shoulders. Although with time it will become easier for you, every time you will be climbing the pole you will actually be working out your upper body by building muscle and burning fat. Now imagine climbing up the pole several times in one hour, several days a week. Your biceps will more likely be one of the first muscles to gain strength with pole dancing.

Another basic move in pole dancing is doing the invert (getting in the upside down position). The invert is a basic move yet it requires a lot of strength in the core. It is what allows you to lift up your body on to the pole.

In pole dancing, especially as a beginner, you will do lots of workouts on the pole to increase your core strength. Core strength is very important for pole dancing. All these exercises are intense and even if it does not feel like you are working out when you are in a pole dancing class, you actually are and you are burning more calories than you think.

Build muscles and get toned

Lifting your body onto the pole, climbing, spinning, getting upside down, without sliding or falling require a lot of strength.

In pole dancing, you use your whole body and different muscle groups when working out but mostly the upper body, the core muscles and the thighs. These are the areas where you will gain significant strength.

Many studios also offer pole conditioning classes. These are classes that focus only on building strength. Exercises in pole conditioning classes are usually done on a static pole (not spinning) and also off pole. With consistent training and practice, you will naturally lose fat, build muscle and get stronger. Your body will get toned and look fitter.

Increased flexibility

Getting stronger is the goal of all pole dancers. So is getting more flexible.

What makes pole dancing so beautiful and impressive is the ability to perform flexible moves while hanging on a pole. Getting your splits has never been easy as when you start pole dancing. I got my splits at 28 years old in 3 months. But everyone’s body is different. There are people who are naturally stronger and less flexible while others will gain flexibility quicker than strength. So, just be patient and consistent with your training. You will start seeing results quicker than you think.

A flexible body means it has a bigger range of motion. On top of making your moves beautiful, amazing and impressive, being flexible will also decrease your risk of injury.

Most pole studios offer stretching classes. Ideally, your pole dancing routine should be a combination of pole training (learning moves and combos), pole conditioning (building strength) and stretching classes.

Enjoy working out

The greatest thing about pole dancing is that it does not feel like an activity that you do only to keep fit. It is above all fun and enjoyable. You will look forward to each of your pole dancing class. It is so enjoyable that you will want to have your own pole at home so that you can practice anytime and as much as you want. When you are in a pole dancing class, you are focused on performing moves that look beautiful and amazing. You are not thinking about burning calories and building muscles although you actually are.

Pole dancing combined with a healthy diet

Now you might be an active and talented pole dancer, but if you have bad eating habits and a poor diet, you will not necessarily notice any weight loss.

If you are considering pole dancing mainly as a fitness activity and you want to lose weight, it is important to also consider adopting good eating habits and having a healthy diet.

So, to increase your chances of losing weight with pole dancing, attend regular classes. Some studios offer open practice hours. Practice regularly. Learn the proper techniques of pole dancing and stay consistent with your training.

Increase your daily water intake and eat a balanced and healthy diet. Pole dancing shapes your body differently than with weight lifting. You work both on your strength and flexibility which together shape your body with beautiful, firm and elongated muscles.

You might not see changes as fast as you would like. But give it 5 to 6 months and you will surely start to notice a change in your body shape and also on the scale.

If you would like to share your experience about how pole dancing has changed your body, feel free to leave a comment below.

If you are a pole dancing beginner and have any question, feel free also to ask me in the comment section. I will be happy to help you get started. You might also want to read the article what to expect from pole dancing as a beginner.

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