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Core Strength For Pole Dancing

One thing for sure is that pole dancing is tough.

It requires a lot of strength and flexibility. (And patience)

When I started pole dancing, I felt like I had NO core strength at all ! I could hardly hold a plank for 30 seconds. I was quite flexible but building strength was what I struggled with more at the beginning.

In this post, we will be focusing on strength. More precisely, on the importance of core strength for pole dancing.

Why Do You Need Core Strength For Pole Dancing ?

Our body has not been designed to be hung upside down or to be held in the air. These prowesses are only possible with consistent training and time.
As a pole dancing beginner and depending on your fitness level, you might find it difficult, sometimes even impossible that you will be climbing, spinning and performing one day like those famous, beautiful and talented pole dancers you follow on Instagram. The ones who make pole dancing look effortless, easy and so beautiful. Perhaps the same ones who inspired you and motivated you to start pole dancing. But you know what ? All of them were once where you are. They were once beginners. They did not necessarily have that flexible and strong body when they started pole dancing.

The truth is we all have to start somewhere. And from there, we just have to keep going. Your body is going to get stronger. So be patient and most importantly, consistent with your training. The results are going to follow.

One of the group muscles which are the most engaged in pole dancing are your core muscles. They are the muscles who allow you to lift up your body on the pole and get upside down. One of the ways to get upside down on the pole is by doing an invert. An invert is one of the basic move you will learn in pole dancing and is often the entry to other moves and combos. Another move used as an entry move in pole dancing and which requires a strong core is the shoulder mount.

So increasing your core strength is going to be one of your goal as a pole dancer. And as you will move forward with your training and practice, this is a goal that you will achieve naturally. You will develop all your muscles in general and get stronger without you having the impression that you had to work out for it. It will all happen while you are having fun learning pole dancing.

But What Are The Core Muscles ?

When we talk about the core muscles, most people tend to think abs only. However, the core consists of more muscles than just the abs.

There are the external abdominal obliques located on the side and front of the abdomen and the internal abdominal obliques found under the external obliques.
The rectus abdominis (abs) located along the front of the abdomen and the transverse abdominis which is the deepest of the abdominal muscles found under the obliques and which wrap around the spine.

Benefits Of A Strong Core

Necessary in our daily activities – We use our entire core in various moves in our normal daily life. Whether when bending to pick up something on the floor or sitting or just standing still, we are engaging our core. We do not always notice how necessary our core muscles are and how often they are engaged until simple moves like getting up from the bed in the morning or lacing up your shoes become difficult or painful.

Balance and stability – Your core is what helps you stay in position. Without the core, the body would just fall. A strong core helps to improve balance and stability. It is what allows you to do any move in any direction by supporting your body.

Prevent injury – A strong core will allow you to do any move is any direction while supporting your body but it will also help you to do so in a safe way as it will give you better control on your movements.

Healthy posture – A weak core will contribute in bad posture. A weak core will have difficulty in supporting the body which will result in slouching. Slouching is responsible for back pain and muscle pain and can also affect the discs in your spine.

Fitness goals – A weak core will make it more difficult for you to achieve any of your fitness goal because a weak core is more easily fatigued and has less endurance.

Pole Dancing Moves That Require A Strong Core

When it comes to pole dancing, you are making your body perform unusual and incredible moves. To do so, you definitely need to start with a strong core before being able to develop the other muscles.

A lot of moves in pole dancing will require you to have a strong core :

  • Invert
  • Shoulder Mount
  • Fan kick
  • Handstand
  • Ayesha
  • Cartwheel dismount
  • Cheba split

…. and many more.

I cannot do all of these moves myself (I am still a beginner, just like you). You can look online for those moves and you will understand why a strong core is so important for pole dancing.

No Equipment Or Gym Required For A Stronger Core

Building and developing core strength for beginners might seem difficult. If you have 1 or 2 pole dancing classes a week and rely only on these classes to work out, then it might take you more time to gain in core strength.

What you can do is have a routine on your own that you can do at home. There are lots of exercises designed to help build core strength. If you are looking to build core strength for beginners and have a look on YouTube for example, you will find an endless number of videos with exercises which are all designed to help build and increase core strength, without having to use any equipment or go to a gym.

I hope this post has helped you understand better about the importance of a strong core for pole dancing. I cannot wait to hear about (and see) your prowesses !


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