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Hi and welcome to WePoleAndDance.com.

My name is Connie and I am originally from Mauritius, a small tropical island in the Indian Ocean.

I first heard about pole dancing as a fitness activity 10 years ago while I was traveling in France. Ever since I have always been interested in pole dancing. However, pole dancing as a fitness activity was only introduced in Mauritius in 2017.

I used to be a gym member for years but I always found it… uninteresting and unexciting. Most of the time I had to try hard to motivate myself to go to work out, then once there, I was just waiting to finish my work out sessions. Although many people seem to enjoy going to the gym, I always knew it was not for me…

In May 2018, I decided to try pole dancing and I have not been inside a gym ever since. Not only I found a new way of keeping fit, but I also have fun keeping fit !

After one year of practicing pole dancing,  I can say that it has undoubtedly contributed in shaping my body, building my strength but also in increasing my flexibility. There are so many things I never thought I could do and pole dancing just proved me wrong!

I  am  now  an active pole dancer or “poler” as we like to call ourselves and although it has been more than one year since I practice pole dancing, I still consider myself a beginner. Starting a new physcial activity such as pole dancing requires time and regular and consistent training to obtain results. I have 3 hours practice per week ; 2 hours of pole fit and 1 hour of intense stretching. But there are also lots of workouts that I have learned to do at home that complements my pole dancing classes.

My wish is to connect with people around the world, who like me, started pole dancing not at the youngest age, who are beginners, who feel like they are struggling at times and to share about my experience ; what I am learning, what works, what helps, what to avoid.

The objective of this website is to share interesting, motivating and helpful information about pole dancing with pole beginners around the world and to make the pole dancing community a bigger one !

I look forward to wonderful connections on this website and wish all of you all the best on your pole dancing journey.


Founder at WePoleAndDance.com

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