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6 Proven Pole Dancing Benefits

Pole dancing as a fitness activity is attracting more and more people everyday around the world, regardless of their age, sex, weight and fitness background. The community of pole dancers or “polers” as we like to call ourselves is definitely growing bigger every day. The reason is that pole dancing as a fitness activity has proven to provide many benefits. It is an intense physical activity combining strength and flexibility.

Below is 6 proven pole dancing benefits that will make you soon sign up for a pole dancing class if you are still hesitating :

Burn Calories

Pole dancing is an intense physical activity. It requires you to use your whole body. It engages all the different muscles groups in your body. In a pole dancing class, you can expect to burn as much as 350 calories in 1 hour.

A pole dancing class starts with a warm up. As for any intense physical activity, warming up is very important before getting started with your training. A warm up usually lasts between 10 – 15 minutes and will consist of light cardio exercises and stretches that will help to get your body prepared.

The rest of a pole dancing class will have you working out on the pole spinning, climbing, inverting, getting into incredible moves. Doing all of this regularly will make you burn fat but also build muscle.

Gain in strength

If one of your goals is to get stronger, whether it is in your core, your arms or your legs, then pole dancing is definitely for you. Pole dancing engages the whole body but mostly the core muscles, the upper body and the thighs.

Climbing up the pole requires strength in the arms and shoulders and also in the legs. Inverting and lifting your body upside down on the pole requires a strong core and strength in the arms. Now pole dancing will have you doing both and also to hold different positions on the pole… without falling. All of this requires A LOT of strength.


If you are a pole dancing beginner, it will take you only a few months of consistent practice to be able to do all of this. You might start to learn how to invert and feel like you are struggling to lift your body on the pole. Do not get discouraged, IT IS NORMAL. Keep practicing and one day it will just happen. It took me almost 2 months to invert correctly. I thought I would never get it. It was frustrating, yes. I have seen some girls getting their invert after 2 weeks !

Keep in mind that our bodies are different and it is important to be patient. Whether you have gotten into a move completely or not, you are progressing every time and getting a little stronger every time.

After 6 months of practice, be ready to see some firm, round biceps showing up and some nice lines appearing on your stomach. And most importantly, all what felt like a struggle in the beginning will be what is making you having fun after some time.

Weight loss

Obviously, a lot of people looking to start a new fitness activity do so because they want to lose weight. If this is one of your goal, pole dancing as a fitness activity can help you in achieving it. Combined with a healthy and balanced diet, pole dancing can surely help you shed those extra pounds. Not only can you burn fat with pole dancing, but your body is also going to get toned.

You might want to read Pole Dancing And Weight Loss to understand more how pole dancing can help you lose weight.

Increased flexibility

Part of your pole dancing routine ideally will include regular stretching classes. Even if you do not attend any stretching class, your warm-ups before your pole dancing classes will include stretches.

Working on your flexibility is important in pole dancing because you are going to extend, bend and twist your body around the pole. The more flexible you are, the safer and easier will be your practice and obviously the more beautiful will be your moves and shapes on the pole.

Practicing pole dancing regularly will help you have your splits and increase your back flexibility. A flexible body in itself has many benefits. Indeed, being flexible and having wider ranges of motions reduce the risk of injury and provide a better performance.

Feeling more confident about your body

Most people are more or less confident about their body depending on it’s appearance. If you practice pole dancing, you will love your body for what it is capable of doing, not for what it looks like. And you will be proud of yourself because you know you have worked for it. Being able to pole dance and perform all the beautiful and impressive moves in pole dancing is not easy. You will be making videos and taking pictures of your tranings and you will love what you see.

Part of a fun community

What I love the most about my pole dancing journey is that I met a lot of fun and great people with whom I share the same passion. In a pole dancing class, everyone is supportive to each other. And when funny incidents happen (they always do), we have the biggest laughs ever ! (I’d love to hear about your funny incidents btw). You will naturally build new frienships and will have your own social activities.

I live in Mauritius and we often organize a pole session on the beach with amazing sunsets for background (not bragging). You can also have pole doubles, where you perform moves on the pole with another pole dancer. Ways of having fun are endless !

Pole dancing is a challenging, distressing, exhausting and fun activity all at the same time.

At the end of every class, even though I feel exhausted, I never feel like I was working out. I never had to motivate myself to go to pole class. I look forward to every of my pole dancing and stretching classes and I am sure you will do so too.

And as a bonus, you get to enjoy those incredible benefits !



  • Angelique

    Woooow, what a great photo! I love your post and I love your whole site. I’ve tried pole dancing once, as a half day workshop. I loved it. Keep up with these posts on poledancing.

  • Georgios Keisidis

    Hi Connie Lee. Pole dancing looks fun when you are able to do all these moves! But it takes 6 months to build muscle and make a routine. But that’s no obstacle for those who really wanna be able to do the moves!
    My niece is very flexible – she is like a ballerina or something. I will inform her the next time I see her about pole dancing. Who knows!
    Thanks for the interesting read. Have a beautiful day.

    • Connie Lee

      In my experience, pole dancing is fun when you are working on moves. In a class it is interactive and you get to help other people and vice versa. When you get a move perfectly, then it is amazing ! It does take months and practice to build muscle and gain flexibility. If your niece has already a dancer background, then it will surely make pole dancing easier for her. Feel free to let me know how she does 🙂

  • Anne-Caroline

    Pole dancing is a very challenging sport! The benefits that you mention here are the same as in barre fitness but pole dance seems more difficult. It requires strong arms!! I am always impressed when I see poledancers perform. It’s beautiful to look at as well. Doing pole dancing and barre is a great combination because barre strengthens your core and improves your flexibility.

    All the best,

    • Connie Lee

      Pole dancing can be performed in different ways. For me personally, it is a combination of strength, flexibility and grace. Some pole dancers performance are more sporty. Some are more into the contortions and gymnastics side of it. And some are more into the sensual, erotic dance. So, [pole dancing can really be fore different people. And that’s what I like about it.

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